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Glide 4.0.0 RC1?发布,Android 图片加载和缓存库

时间:2017-06-22  来源:未知  作者:admin666

Glide 4.0.0 RC1 发布了,Glide 是一个 Android 上的图片加载和缓存库,其目的是实现平滑的图片列表滚动效果。该版本是 Glide 4 的预发行版。主要更新如下:


Added support for VectorDrawables to the placeholder methods (#1946, thanks to @Teovald)

Minimal support for additional Bitmap configurations in Android O (853c687, better support will be coming in the future)

Bug 修复:

Fixed a duplicate field error when using GlideExtensions (#1971)

Fixed VisibleForTesting lint errors in Glide's generated code (#1977)

Fixed a bug preventing us from falling back to the error Drawable for null models when the fallback drawable isn't specified (#1985)

Fixed an NPE when obtaining a RequestManager for a View (Glide.with(view), #1991)

Propagate HTTP exceptions from the OkHttp library so that they're accessible when requests fail (#1967)

Fixed a race condition causing resource leaks (#1996)

Fixed an NPE in MultiModelLoader (#2028)

Fixed a broken null check (48d1f14, thanks mattq@)

Fixed a bug preventing the placeholder Drawable from being shown for null models when both the fallback and the error Drawables are unspecified (41cc06c, thnaks to angelorhoit@)

Fixed an IllegalStateException when pending requests were cancelled and restarted (243c28c)



Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)

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