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Git for Windows 2.14.0(2) 发布,bug 修复

时间:2017-08-08  来源:未知  作者:admin666

Git for Windows 2.14.0(2) 已发布,包含了自 Git for Windows v2.14.0 以来的更改。

主要是 bug 修复:

修复了 v2.14.0 中引入的一个回归会阻止通过 SSH 进行访问

详细内容和下载地址请参阅 GitHub 发布主页。

v2.14.0 更新如下:


Comes with Git v2.14.0.

Comes with BusyBox v1.28.0pre.15857.9480dca7c.

Comes with Git Credential Manager v1.12.0.

It is now possible to switch between Secure Channel and OpenSSL for Git's HTTPS transport by setting the http.sslBackend config variable to "openssl" or "schannel"; This is now also the method used by the installer (rather than copying libcurl-4.dll files around).

The experimental option --show-ignored-directory was added to git status to show only the name of ignored directories when the option --untracked=all is used.

Git for Windows releases now also include an experimental BusyBox-based MinGit.

Bug 修复

Repository-local aliases are now resolved again in worktrees.

CamelCased aliases were broken in v2.13.3; This has been fixed again.

The 32-bit Git binaries are now built against the same dependencies that are shipped with Git for Windows.