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OpenResty 发布,Web 应用服务器

时间:2017-08-23  来源:未知  作者:admin666

OpenResty 已发布,Version 部分更新内容如下:

feature: applied a patch to the ng窃听风云3inx core to make the ng窃听风云3inx variable $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for accessible on Lua land. thanks spacewander for the patch.

feature: added the balancer-status-code patch to the ng窃听风云3inx core to allow returning arbitrary HTTP status codes inside upstream balancers. thanks Datong Sun for the patch.

feature: we now search LuaJIT bytecode files *.ljbc before Lua source files *.lua in the default Lua module search paths.

feature: applied the intercept-error-log patch to the ng窃听风云3inx core to provide 3rd-party modules a hook to intercept ng窃听风云3inx error log data without touching files. 3rd-party modules can register a custom interception hook to ngx_http_core_main_conf_t.intercept_log_handler. thanks Yuansheng Wang for the patch.

feature: ./configure: the user flags specified by the --with-luajit-xcflags=FLAGSoption are not appended to the default flags instead of being prepended. thanks spacewander for the report.

feature: applied a small patch to the ng窃听风云3inx core to add support for the "privileged agent" process which is run by the same system account as the master. thanks Yuansheng Wang for the patch.



Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)

OpenResty (也称为 ngx_openresty)是一个全功能的 Web 应用服务器。它打包了标准的 Nginx 核心,很多的常用的第三方模块,以及它们的大多数依赖项。

通过众多进行良好设计的 Nginx 模块,OpenResty 有效地把 Nginx 服务器转变为一个强大的 Web 应用服务器,基于它开发人员可以使用 Lua 编程语言对 Nginx 核心以及现有的各种 Nginx C 模块进行脚本编程,构建出可以处理一万以上并发请求的极端高性能的 Web 应用。