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PHPMailer 6.0.1 发布,经典的 PHP 电子邮件发送库

时间:2017-09-19  来源:未知  作者:admin666

PHPMailer 6.0.1 已发布,PHPMailer 是一个 PHP 编写的电子邮件发送库,功能十分齐全,被大量开源项目使用,如 WordPress、Drupal、1CRM、SugarCRM、Yii、Joomla 等等。


Use shorter Message-ID headers (with more entropy) to avoid iCloud blackhole bug

Switch to Symfony code style (though it's not well defined)

CI builds now apply syntax & code style checks, so make your PRs tidy!

CI code coverage only applied on latest version of PHP to speed up builds

Remove composer.lock - it's important that libraries break early; keeping it is for apps

Rename test scripts to PSR-4 spec

Make content-id values settable on attachments, not just embedded items

Add SMTP transaction IDs to callbacks & allow for future expansion

Expand test coverage


Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)