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Ant Design 3.12 发布,企业级UI设计语言

时间:2019-01-10  来源:未知  作者:admin666
??New componentEmpty!13651 ??Kannada locale added (kn福彩双色球中奖规则_IN).#13776@gurungrahul2 ??Addeye-invisibleIcon.b8630b3 ??ConfigProvider component support prefixCls.#13389 ??Add more less variables for support custom colors definitions of some components.#13425@amedora ??Fixed font-family been reset in each component.#13969
??Updaterc-tree-selectto 2.5.0 to support use a ReactNode asnotFoundContentin TreeSelect.47b89e5 ??Rate component supporttooltips.192e188 ??Fixed Drawer propstylenot working.#13850 Upload ??Add new less varupload-picture-card-border-styleand Fixedupload-picture-card-sizetypo.#13919#13929@flexchen ??Fixeddpgfile type is not recognizable as image in Upload component.#14013