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OrientDB 2.2.16 发布,文档数据库

时间:2017-02-03  来源:未知  作者:linuxsir首页
OrientDB 2.2.16 发布了,Orient DB 是一个可伸缩的文档数据库,支持 ACID 事务处理。



  • A new OrientDB logo that includes the text "Community" or "Enterprise" is now shown according to the OrientDB Edition in use - Issue #407


  • "logs" command has been added in - Community Contribution #7130


  • More verbose logs when the download of a database is skipped because autoDeploy=false

  • Removed, by default, the ping to Hazelcast servers

Bugs Fixed


  • Fixed Issue on binary compare of dates - Internal Issue #8227

  • Changed create callback parameter of async save for receive the valid new rid instead of invalid presave rid - Issue #7105

  • Fixed bug on dirty management during delete using record api


  • Fixed regression introduced in 2.2.15 during vertex delete that caused stale pointers - Issue #7118

  • Fixed graph query of properties with kebab-case issue - Issue #7128


  • SQL UUID function was returnng a Java Object instead of a String - Issue #7116

  • Fixed a NPE on gremlin() function execution with invalid input - Issue #5714

  • Fixed a NPE on iteration of a mix of regular and lightweight edges - Issue #7018

  • SQL A* function on was returning wrong results if the same query was being executed multiple times - Issue #7103


  • Fixed NPE when database type is graph and "dbAutoDropIfExists": true is configured - Issue #7109 and Issue #7119


  • Add to indexes new metadata fields _CLASS and _CLUSTER to enable partitioned queries - Issue #6594


  • Fulltext Lucene Index was being created as SBTREE - Issue #442

  • 'SEVER' was added as log type in the Studio Servers Management's Logs tab - Internal Issue #8176

  • Edge properties were ignored when creating a new edge by clicking on a vertex from the Graph Editor - Issue #438

High Availability

  • Under certain conditions, synchronization of a node was failing - Issues #6999 and #7073

  • An "ODistributedStartupException: Error on registering local node on cluster" was happening when starting a cluster node from a system where Java 7 (instead of 8) was installed. Compatibility with Java 7 has now been restored - Issue #7059

  • Fixed stall in case the current database is newer than the one in the cluster


  • On split memory option and ssl options - Issue #7084


  • Source code (zip)

  • Source code (tar.gz)