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Apache Isis?1.14.0 发布,领域驱动开发框架

时间:2017-02-26  来源:未知  作者:linuxsir首页

Apache Isis 1.14.0 发布了,Apache Isis 是一个可让你快速开发领域驱动应用的 Java 框架,它定义了一个清晰的编程模型,支持 BDD 和 JUnit 测试,可动态的生成域模型的展现。


  • the ability to invoke actions with collection parameters (rendered by the Wicket viewer as a multi-select drop-down).

  • a number of metamodel validations intended to make it apps already in production easier to refactor (including a new objectType attribute for @DomainService)

  • improvements to EmailService so easier to use in system test (non-prod) environments

  • a new TableColumnOrderService to allow column order of parented collections to be fine-tuned.