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PDFBox 2.0.6 发布,Java 的 PDF 处理类库

时间:2017-05-17  来源:未知  作者:linuxsir首页

Apache PDFBox 2.0.6 发布了,Apache PDFBox 库是一个开源的用于处理 PDF 文档的 Java 工具。

这个版本是基于 2.0.5 版本的增量式 bug 修复版本,包含了几个修复和小改进,更新如下:

Bug 修复

[PDFBOX-3313] - Java 9 InaccessibleObjectException

[PDFBOX-3318] - IllegalArgumentException in PDPageTree constructor: root cannot be null

[PDFBOX-3347] - COSName parsing doesn't handle ISO-8859-1 encoded bytes

[PDFBOX-3519] - COSName is not ascii

[PDFBOX-3545] - COSParser.parseXref failing if startXrefOffset over pdf size

[PDFBOX-3687] - PDFBox doesn't respect different setting of /DA at PDAnnotationWidget level to /DA at PDField level

[PDFBOX-3717] - Missing root object specification in trailer

[PDFBOX-3723] - FDFField.getValue() doesn't return the values in line with the Javadoc.

[PDFBOX-3724] - Wrong size in rendering of some artifacts

[PDFBOX-3726] - NPE when setting the field value in an AcroForm and the NormalAppearance entry exists but is COSNull

[PDFBOX-3727] - "premature EOF, image will be incomplete"

[PDFBOX-3728] - org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSDictionary cannot be cast to org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSStream

[PDFBOX-3731] - IOException: Found Token[kind=NAME, text=bind] but expected ND at offset 91

[PDFBOX-3732] - IllegalArgumentException when refreshing an appearance and no font resources are defined

[PDFBOX-3733] - image added to pdf by tool AddImageToPDF is turn-overed

[PDFBOX-3738] - Signature not visible on Acrobat

[PDFBOX-3739] - and can return null

[PDFBOX-3740] - Standard 14 and Encoding

[PDFBOX-3741] - usage of default colorspace not checked by preflight

[PDFBOX-3742] - Unknown dir object c='>' cInt=62 peek='>' peekInt=62

[PDFBOX-3743] - Running GC between signing and saving document closes stream

[PDFBOX-3745] - Wrong character width

[PDFBOX-3747] - CmapSubtable#getCharCodes provides values in random order

[PDFBOX-3748] - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Kerning table version 0 format 2 not yet supported.

[PDFBOX-3750] - when parsing a PDF

[PDFBOX-3751] - Flattening a pdf with re魔轮freshAppearances set to true causes a NullPointerException

[PDFBOX-3752] - PDVariableText text color changes to be the same as the background color after flattening

[PDFBOX-3753] - setting a RadioButton with export values does not update the appearance

[PDFBOX-3754] - Skip << >> in type1 font parser

[PDFBOX-3755] - ClassCastException in PDColor constructor: org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSNull cannot be cast to org.apache.pdfbox.cos.COSNumber

[PDFBOX-3757] - TTFSubsetter scrambles PostScript names and unicode codepoints when subset contains diaeresis

[PDFBOX-3761] - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException

[PDFBOX-3769] - Cannot read JBIG2 image when JBIG2-Image-Decoder is in path

[PDFBOX-3775] - Merge documents fails due to IllegalArgumentException

[PDFBOX-3781] - Existing AcroForm default resources is overwritten by signing code

[PDFBOX-3783] - Expected root dictionary, but got this: COSNull{}

[PDFBOX-3784] - Inline image incorrectly parsed

[PDFBOX-3788] - java.lang.RuntimeException: Catalog cannot be found

[PDFBOX-3789] - Some text missing in rendering

[PDFBOX-3791] - Long rendering time


[PDFBOX-2684] - Javadoc for COSBase.setNeedToBeUpdate

[PDFBOX-2963] - Remove Bouncy Castle Provider Reference

[PDFBOX-3614] - Directly use the BouncyCastleProvider rather than installing it

[PDFBOX-3716] - Read images from byte array

[PDFBOX-3722] - make font cache error message less scary

[PDFBOX-3730] - Encapsulate outputStream into BufferedOutputStream in

[PDFBOX-3763] - Optimize SampledImageReader.getStencilImage()

[PDFBOX-3768] - Optimize SampledImageReader.from1Bit()

[PDFBOX-3770] - provide set of page indexes that have page label ranges

[PDFBOX-3772] - Add COSBoolean(false) as option in PDDocumentCatalog's getOpenAction

[PDFBOX-3779] - Add dpi and border parameter to PrintPDF command line utility


[PDFBOX-3778] - Create sample code for creating a PDF with type 4 shading


[PDFBOX-3302] - Explicit support for certification signatures